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Forest Lk Mariann and Marlene 4.13.24.jpg
Lord of Life In Ramsey Jan and Marlene 3.9.24.jpg
Cathy and Royal 4.27.24 North Hennepin Community College.jpg
Stillwater HS. Peg and Marlene 5.4.24.jpg
Paul and Marlene Princeton 5.11.24.jpg

 3.9.24 Ramsey w/Jan 

4.13.24 Forest Lk w/Mariann

 4.27.24 N. Hennpin  CC Cathy &Royal

5.4.24 Stillwater w/Peg

5.11.24  Princeton w/Paul

Carrie and Sue with Marlene Munsinger Garden 7.20.23.jpg
Marlene with Shirley 8.11.23 Deerwood.jpg
Shirley S and Marlene 8.12.23 Deerwood.jpg
Buffalo with Karen and Granddaughter 8.19.23.JPG

7.20.23 St. Cloud w/Carrie and Sue

7.21.22 St. Cloud w/Jim


8.12.23 Deerwood w/Shirley  

8.19.23 Buffalo w/Karen

Rice with Ann 9.9.23.jpg
Rice 9.10.23 with Judy.jpg
Afton 9.23.23 with Sue.jpg
Marlene and Marilyn Afton 9.24.23.jpg
Chris and Marlene 10.6.23 Anoka.jpg

9.9.23 Rice w/Ann

9.10.23 Rice w/Judy

 9.23.23 Afton w/ Sue

9.24.23 Afton w/Marilyn

10.6.23 Anoka w/Chris

Janet and Marlene Anoka 10.7_edited.jpg
Mary and Marlene Anoka 10.8.23.jpg
Rishford 10.21.23 Lynn and Marlene.jpg
Cooper H.S. 10.28.23.jpg
Cooper H.S. with Cindy 10.28.23.jpg

10.7.23 Anoka w/Janet

10.8.23 Anoka w/Mary

10.21.23 Rushford w/Lynn

10.28.23 Cooper H.S. 

10.28.23 Cooper w/Cindy

The Oaks Marlene with Roger 11.3.23.jpg
11.4.23 Champlin Bobbi with Marlene.jpg
Lino Lakes  11.11.23 with Nancy.jpg

11.03.23 Oaks w/Roger.

11.4.23 Champlin w/Bobbi 

11.11.23 Lino Lakes w/Nancy

11.18.23 N Branch w/Judy

12.2.23 St. Michael's w/Kathy

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