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Intriguing short stories, making the book impossible to put down. The anthology contains nineteen short stories and more, including chapters from the author’s upcoming mystery novel THE WIDOWER. As the stories unfold, you’ll meet lively characters like Harriet Bishop, St. Paul, Minnesota’s first schoolmarm; Mary Malone, amateur sleuth; Gertie Nash, a busy body; Vicar Quill, a man with secrets; Myrna Malloy, a housewife turned amateur sleuth; Oscar Demente, retired PI, and others.


“In Chabot’s ‘Serving Up A Surprise,’ a police officer asks 200-pound Gertie Nash whether she denies she brought the deadly pineapple dish. Gertie replies, “Why would I? It’s a great dish. Who wouldn’t enjoy eating a surprising dessert filled with pineapple…”
Mary Ann Grossman—Pioneer Press

“Nursery Rhyme Capers’ have lots of twists and turns. Oscar and Smitty are a good pair—the intelligent retired investigator and his ex-assistant, who’s a little slow on the draw.” Margie O.
Kind of an odd couple.”
Margie. O.


An excerpt from ‘The Missing Groom’. [“Oh, Mary,” Karen said, “You should’ve seen Rob. It was hilarious. A Narren grabbed him off the stage, forcing him to dance the Pennsylvania Polka right in front of us. His steps were so awkward. Not smooth like when he dances with me.”
I looked at the guys on the stage. Rob was missing. Alarm bells blasted in my head.]


The Anthology is available in paperback and as an e-book. This photo represents the e-book version.

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