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                          The Widower

When Mary Malone gave up teaching and sleuthing to assist her big brother Private Investigator Matt Malone, she envisioned helping him with all his cases, never dreaming he'd pick and choose what she did, including banning her from any involvement in his newest case, the disappearance of Fumiaki Kato, who owns twenty-five Minnesota community newspapers. What’s Mary supposed to do then when she discovers the case she’s handling connects with Mr. Kato’s? Holding back information could be mighty beneficial to her, but not so for Matt. If she doesn’t share with her brother right away, would it cause a rift between the two siblings too wide to repair?

   “The Widower is an exciting and intriguing book of friendship, family, greed, and tradition. Set in Minnesota, Matt and Mary take on a case that shifts and changes like the Midwest weather.” Patti Maasch.
    “I couldn’t put The Widower down. I liked the relationship between the brother and sister. There is a bit of sibling rivalry going on, but Matt and Mary are deeply devoted to each other. The author’s writing is so descriptive, each little detail helps the reader feel as if they're right there seeing each person and place.” Margie Olsbo.

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